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Digital marketing
  • Facebook: DGmarcom help you to optimize your fanpage creative contents and images which targeting well your potential customers and increase coverage, engagements and leads by facebook business ads.

    Detail services including:

        - Fanpage admin:

            + Creative content: Text and images, graphics animation and capture Videos for your products, brands or corporate introduction

            + CPM: Click to website/Link facebook ads.

            + CPV: Video view ads

             + CPC: Post engagement ads.

             + Inbox Fanpage: Inbox ads.

             + CPL: Lead form ads.

             + CPI: Application Installation and registration ads.

             + Page like: Increase Fanpage likes or followers ads

    Zalo, Instagram: Ads on other social network platforms.

  • With the strength of users’ network, diverse forms of advertising, the ability to target specific audience. DGmarcom will help customers reach users via Google in many ways

    - Google Adwords search

    - Google display networks: Banner formats from still images, gif animations, to html5

    - Video view and channel ads on youtube

  • SEO: also known as: optimizing search results on Google. With an experienced team and in-depth technical platform systems. DGmarcom will help you to be satisfied with the desired keyword rankings through the implementation process as follows:

    - Analyze website, available system of customers.

    - Research, consulting and implementing keyword system.

    - Optimize onpage for whole site to ensure friendly with Google.

    - Building framework, development structure.

    - Building backlink system.

    - Maintain keyword rankings.




    We provide PR services and booking advertising on many channels with the following forms: - Booking for online magazines - Booking for printed newspapers


    Popular TVC Booking services: - Booking radio - Booking television channels - Booking display network.


Organizing events is an exciting, creative & dynamic profession. DGmarcom with meticulous, thoughtful and attentive team will help your business attract target customers.

  • Survey

    What is the purpose of your advertising campaign? Increasing sales, visitors to your business or customers’ attention with your productsWhat is the purpose of your advertising campaign? Increasing sales, visitors to your business or customers’ attention with your products

  • Understanding

    Investigate target market, collect information, identify customers.

  • Development

    Find fundamental values, clarify the benefits of the product, identity brand.

  • Creative

    Brainstorm ideas, choose the right style, ensure ads are easy to read, understand, and reliable

  • Implementation

    Launch advertising campaign and follow the results of implementation, adjust your campaign accordingly to develop the brand.

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