What is SEO Services?

SEO services are packages provided by companies specializing in online marketing packages, to help businesses optimize their website on search engines, thereby gaining more customer interest and Earnings are higher.

In other words, SEO services are services that help businesses put their websites on TOP search engine results. SEO services include optimizing website content, applying SEO tricks to make the site more Google friendly.

Why SEO services become increasingly hot?

SEO services are provided by professional and reputable SEO companies. If the businesses themselves learn and apply SEO knowledge to the website, the time to achieve the achievement is quite long and can experience countless failures. But, if you use the SEO services of an experienced company, the business will always be safe with the results that SEO brings to their website. Therefore, the trend of using SEO services to optimize the website on the search engines almost become the hot trend today.

Why not put your website on TOP naturally instead of using SEO services?

This question was raised by many people. But, with the increasingly fierce competition of other business websites (using SEO), the chances of your website getting TOP and being noticed by users are really small if you do not use the translation. SEO Services. The thing that businesses should do is to use SEO services from a reputable company and have long experience in SEO.

So experience to choose a reputable SEO services company is g ?

  1. The company has a good website system

A good website system means that the website of the SEO service provider must be easy to see, easy to load, easy to read and understand.

  1. That company must be TOP when you search for keywords on SEO services or simply keywords that have SEO
  2. That company may have fewer people, but actually their past customers must be famous and successful

If any company has all the above factors, you should never ignore their SEO services, because they are the ones who help you win the fastest way.

Here are two sincere tips for you when implementing SEO services:

I have gathered a lot of good books and books on Content Marketing, Copywriting, Good Writing, PR Advertising Sales, or Effective Techniques TIT, Words to use when writing adverts. impressive … of many people working in the Vietnam Agency and the World.

If you work in the online sales, writing ads Facebook ads or Google adwords and generally want to write content sales or should be carefully read and practice a lot of skills written under the following sharing documents:

Title of Books / MaterialsDownload linkCreadit
© All about PR Writing and Advertising for BusinessDOWNLOADDo Xuan Tai – Student Vinalink 3C
© 64 words are important to increase salesDOWNLOADLinh Phan – Writer, The Muse
© PR standard SEO writing skillsDOWNLOAD Ilights
© Presentation of beautiful slide showDOWNLOAD Vo Minh Tri
© Content Marketing HandbookDOWNLOAD Book of the West classic
© The method of experimental advertisingDOWNLOAD Books or extremes
© Notes from 3 sessions Content marketingDOWNLOAD Thi 3 Lien Thi Lien
© The Principles of Writing AdvertsDOWNLOAD Vietnamese books
© 214 TITSDOWNLOAD Classic material
© Best Creative Idea booksDOWNLOAD List books
© 34 tips trick or about contentDOWNLOAD Hubspot
© Vinalink 3C Teaching Materials (demo)DOWNLOAD Vinalink 3C
Content Grid for sale emailDOWNLOAD Content grid
© Overview of Content MarketingDOWNLOAD Vinalink 3C
© Content Marketing Plan for Disease LabelDOWNLOAD Case learns Vinalink
© Selection of sales articles orDOWNLOAD Tanh Tanh – Vinalink students
© Scatter about CreativityDOWNLOAD Tuan Ha
© 101 Ideas to post to FacebookDOWNLOAD Collect
© Prose Instagram 137 sample adsDOWNLOAD Collect
© Sample 500 Facebook ad templatesDOWNLOAD Collect

Message : When reading the above documents, you should practice writing every day to new levels of writing progress. Need to train daily – Martial need to train every night! If you want to study the whole or want to practice writing and creative skills only after 7 days, refer to the following Vinalink program:

What is a business model canvas? What does the canvas business model mean? Definition of canvas business model:

Business model canvas is a great business model by Business Model Generation and Business Model Canvas creators Alexander OstrerWalder and Yves Pigneur. Its easy to understand and easy to apply .

Here are the core and most complete parts of this Business Model, extracted from BMG (Business Model Generation) – Modeling Business by Alphabook Bookstore. You should buy to support the copyright of Alphabook offline. The content below is of course only a summary of the index for your reference.

Business Model Canvas – Business Model

1. Customer Segments – Segments

+ Mass Market 
+ Market niche 
+ Market segmentation 
+ Diversification 
+ Mixed market

Value solutions for products – Value Propositions

+ New 
+ efficiency 
+ specialization 
+ ability to do something unique 
+ beautiful design 
+ brand value / position / national brand 
+ price when compared 
+ help reduce cost 
+ risk reduction 
+ easy to access, easy to own. 
+ More convenient for guests

3. Sales Channels – Channels

5 stages of a channel 
+ Awareness 
+ Rating (understand) 
+ Buy 
+ Distribution 
+ After sales

4. Customer Relations

+ Personal 
+ Special support + Self-service + Automation services 

Community use 
+ Co-creator of new products, customers create their own products

5. Revenue Streams

+ Selling Products 
+ Use Fee: Telecom … 
+ Subscription Fee 
+ Rental 
+ Licensing – Franchise 
+ Broker Fee 
+ Advertising

Method of valuation

+ The list price 
+ price depends product features 
+ price depends customer segment 
+ According to product volume 
+ Negotiation depending partners and programs 
+ Price optimize profits: According to inventories – as booking KS 
+ Price according to market demand, time 
+ Auction 
++++ price based on priority 
++++ price by time of ownership 
++++ Pre-purchase price

6. Key resources


7. Key activities

8. Key Partnerships

9. Cost structure